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Black And Decker LSW36

Spotting the right leaf blower in the crowd is certainly a challenge. With literally hundreds of products in commerce, going through each of them and its specifications is too time consuming. What do you do then? Simple. You stick to a solid manufacturer, then you go through its products. An informed decision is never made on the actual specifications, but on thorough research and evaluations.

This is when Black And Decker LSW36 40-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper kicks in as one of the best rated products in commerce. Black And Decker does not need too many presentations. It is one of the manufacturers that dominate the market. As for the actual product, it is extremely well rated by past customers over the Internet. With these ideas in mind, there must be something appealing about it or it would not sell. A wide plethora of features, safety standards and performance are the aspects defining it.


The LSW36 model works with batteries – 36V and 40V. They are rechargeable. A single recharge can keep this unit running for around 25 minutes. The unit can be used against snow, dead leaves and even debris around your roof or gutters. It has a maximum speed of 120MPH. Given its operational standards, it is way cleaner and quieter than gas based products. As for the features, users benefit from six different settings. They are all available on the handle, so you can customize the operation in the smallest details without too much hassle.


Although the Black And Decker model is built to deliver, it may not be perfect for everyone. This is why you have to identify your necessities upfront. For example, the unit works on grassy surfaces, but you should not expect a top-notch performance. Instead, it is more appropriate for hard surfaces. It also does not have a dual voltage option, so it only works with 120V. It does pay off to research your needs before making a final choice. To some people, these cons are irrelevant. To others, they can alter the entire experience and cause plenty of frustration.


As a general idea, Black And Decker LSW36 40-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper can easily impress you. It is hand held, so it becomes quite portable. It does not require a cord, so you are free to use it wherever you feel like. Plus, the lightweight profile adds to its convenience as well. When compared to other leaf blowers in the same segment, its batteries and power offer a solid and durable option. A single recharge lasts way more than in other units with even less power.

The unlimited range is the most attractive aspect. No one wants to be limited or use a few extension cords in order to reach to the sidewalk. You can go on the roof too or perhaps clean the gutters. Sure, just like any other thing in the world, this leaf blower may not necessarily be perfect for everyone, yet the rapport for price and quality makes the difference.

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