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Black & Decker LSW20

A leaf blower is a handy tool to have when the leaves get brittle and fall from the trees to cover your yard, driveway and sidewalk. Having a leaf blower can turn a job that could take all day into about a half-an-hour chore. Black & Decker is a well-known brand of hardware and has a good repuation for making solid products. The LSW20 is cordless and comes with its own 20 volt lithium-ion battery, with an easy to grip handle and of course, the quality that comes with the Black & Decker brand name.

There are some great features that come with this blower that make it one of the most competitive models on the market, but there are a couple of disadvantages as well. Let’s explore the Pros and Cons of the Black & Decker LSW20.


  • Includes a 20V lithium-ion battery with extended run time
  • Clears debris quickly and easily from a variety of surfaces including decks and garages
  • Has a scraper built into the leaf blower that will allow you to easily loosen up wet leaves
  • Comes with a two year limited warranty. The warranty includes the battery and the charger which is Energy Star rated
  • Easy to grip handle that won’t twist out of your grip even in damp conditions
  • Made by Black & Decker so you know it is a good product with a solid reputation behind it.
  • Locking trigger button so that you don’t have to get a cramp from holding
  • Quieter than the gas-powered leaf blower equivalents
  • Charger will work for many other Black & Decker models as well
  • Weighs less than four pounds total.


  • The main disadvantage with this leafblower is that it doesn’t run very long on a charge. You can run it about 20 minutes max if you are using it constasntly without a break.
  • The price is quite a bit higher than other comparable leaf blowers by lesser known brands. You can pick up a leaf blower for about half what the Black & Decker costs.
  • You can’t use the LSW20 to blow leaves on your grass of out of your flower beds.
  • A couple of users have reported a small buzzing sound that doesn’t seem to affect performance.


The Black & Decker LSW20 is definitely a solid product that is going to last you for many years to come. It is a well-designed product with many great features that will come in handy as you use it. It has a lithium-ion battery that will last you for many years to come. Customers that have purchased and tried the B&D LSW20 have said that it is quiet enough to use even when your neighbors are sleeping, and that just about eveything on this unit has been improved starting with the lithium-ion battery upgrade that replaced the previous nickel-cadium battery. Also, many people have commented on the fact that it is extremely light and quiet – so much so in fact that they didn’t even think it would do as good of job blowing leaves as it did. However, there are some disadvantages as well – like having to recharge it frequently and of course, the price, so you will have to make your own call.

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