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Leaf blowers represent some of the ultimate solutions for a quick and efficient cleaning procedure. They may not be too obvious around the year, but their popularity skyrockets during the fall season. However, just because they were originally designed to blow leaves, it does not mean that you cannot use them with other purposes. You can clean debris off sidewalks, roofs or even the gutters. But then, how do you pick the ideal blower?

DEWALT DCBL790H1 40V MAX 6.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower is currently one of the best rated leaf blowers on the Internet. It is known for the manufacturer’s good reputation, but it is also part of a small collection of blowers. It is mostly designed for residential purposes, yet small and middle business owners may also benefit from its capabilities. Generally speaking, it is lightweight, durable and provides plenty of flexibility. What else can you ask for?


The DCBL790H1 model is powerful enough to deliver up to 400CFM, as well as 120MPH speeds. Sure, the speed is adjustable, but the power makes it easy to tackle all kinds of projects. Once you set the right speed, you can lock it without worrying about accidental adjusting. The device comes with a large 40V lithium ion battery. It dominates its segment and offers a decent load per charge. Most importantly, it is not limited by a cord, so you can recharge it and use it anywhere. As if all these were not enough, users will appreciate the Xenoy housing. Durability becomes one of its superior features then.


It is hard to find any negatives or weaknesses regarding this product, yet it cannot satisfy everyone out there. With a little under 16 pounds in weight, it might feel a bit challenging for newbies. If you do not have enough force, you risk plenty of strain on your arms and back. It is perfectly normal though. Other than that, battery based units are not really indicated for heavy duty uses. If you need to blow huge amounts dead leaves off a large area, chances are you might run out of battery before doing it. It is great for residential properties and small businesses though.


In the end, DEWALT DCBL790H1 40V MAX 6.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower is one of the best rated units in its segment. It is easy to realize why. It is designed for a particular niche – DIY enthusiasts. Whether it comes to cleaning their own homes or their store entrances, these people can greatly benefit from this solid leaf blower. It makes a good addition to any random home out there.

It is lightweight, yet it can become a bit challenging for newbies. Also, it has a durable battery and variable speeds. Such features underline the main necessities in a leaf blower. Keep in mind that you can use it for other things too, such as debris or even the dust around your gutters. It becomes a universal tool with a little imagination.

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