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GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX

Not sure what to look for in a leaf blower? You are not the only one. There are dozens of brands out there and hundreds of products. How do you find the right one? Easy. First, determine your necessities upfront. Second, find a good manufacturer with a top-notch reputation. Third, go through its products and find the one that can match your needs. It sounds easy, but it asks for time and thorough research.

This is when you run into GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Cordless Variable Speed Sweeper-40V. The brand is world renowned for its reliability, while this product is among its front runners. It is positively reviewed over the Internet and it sells like hot bread. Why? Simple. With a maximum speed of 150MPH, low maintenance requirements and a lightweight profile, it is no surprise why so many people choose it for their gardening and cleaning necessities.


At first, people appreciate the overall use. Basically, this unit is robust, yet extremely lightweight. It has a compact construction, so it is easy to operate without putting any strain on your arms. It has variable speed settings. The maximum one goes up to 150MPH, so you can clean debris and leaves with no extra effort. The battery offers continuous power without fading away as it starts draining. As if all these were not enough, users love the easy maintenance. Maintaining gas and oil blowers is a challenge because they are messy. This one is different – clean for both you and the environment.


It is highly recommended to research your needs before spending any money. What works for some people is less likely to work for everyone else. If you are used to electric or gas powered units, you might be a bit disappointed. Battery based leaf blowers tend to be less powerful. They are great for hard surfaces and basic operations, but they may not make the ideal choice for businesses and large environments, especially as the battery is less likely to provide a continuous use. Also, the unit does not work with grass surfaces. It tends to push, rather than blow away.


As a short final conclusion, GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Cordless Variable Speed Sweeper-40V is definitely “green”. It is great for simple and middle operations, whether you run a small business or you just want to maintain your home in the best possible shape. Interested in selling a home? Prepare it accordingly. Worried that the fall season may ruin your landscape? Clean the sidewalk on a daily basis within minutes only. Got a small business? Using the blower for a few minutes everyday will maintain a welcoming place.

Of course, the blower is less likely to satisfy everyone. It may not be the best unit for large businesses or industries. But then, it was not created with such purposes anyway. Instead, it becomes the right tool for the average user who wants a clean environment, as well as the DIY enthusiast who enjoys such operations.

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