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Toro 51619 [REVIEW]

These days, the Toro 51619 Ultra is one of the best rated units in commerce. It is cost efficient and brings in all the required specifications for a clean operation. Another good news is that it can successfully tackle two different necessities around your backyard. First, it blows leaves away. Second, it can vacuum and gather them inside a small bag. For each of these options, you practically handle two operations with just one device.

Quick overview of the Toro 51619

Toro Leaf blower
The Toro 51619 is one of the most popular leaf blowers there is.
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • Airspeed: adjustable up-to 250 MPH
  • Type: Corded electric

More details

3 machines in 1: blows, vacuums and shreds
Adjustable speeds up-to 250 MPH
Metal impeller
Easy-to-use and to storage

Not cordless
Plastic hull

One of the best rated units

Toro’s blower comes with more tubes for specific uses. Choose the right one according to your application – the main one to move debris from house, the power insert to create piles and the concentrator to move debris out of edges. No tools are needed for the conversion. Speeds are adjustable according to your operations. The maximum one goes up to 250MPH. Adjusting the speed is simple too – just use the associated knob. Do not overlook the metal impeller either, as it shreds leaves and debris into fine mulch. It is probably the main part responsible for the overall performance.


Nothing is perfect out there, so this 51619 model makes no exception either. It obviously has a few drawbacks as well. Most commonly, it is corded. Therefore, you are limited to the extension cord. Sure, you can use several extension cords in order to tackle this problem. It is only a matter of minutes if you got the cords around. Other than that, it has plastic in its composition too. This is a common standard for almost anything that is made today, from cars to leaf blowers. A proper maintenance can prevent all kinds of unexpected issues, so check the owner’s manual before making a final choice.

Conclusion for the Toro 51619

What does really matter in a leaf blower? Exactly. As long as it does its job by the book, there are no reasons to look elsewhere. Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac, Red is pretty good at what it does. As it also vacuums, it is obvious that you can also save the money for a different tool. The multifunction device is likely to become your best friend in garden maintenance, especially during the fall season.

Not sure what makes a good leaf blower? You are not the only one with this issue. Leaf blowers have evolved over the past few decades. Today, they come with all kinds of futuristic features and specifications. Keep in mind that although two products may look alike, chances are they do not always share the same capabilities. With these conclusions in mind, it does pay off to research your options and do your homework.

In the end, the gardening tool is highly adjustable to your necessities and it works wonders on the lawn, parking spot or sidewalk. Indeed, you might feel limited by the cord, but an extender or two can solve this issue in no time. Remember that convenience and efficiency are the things that truly care when about to purchase a new tool. This one makes no exception either.

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